Sweatcoin – a way to make digital money with keeping yourself fit

Sweatcoin – a way to make digital money with keeping yourself fit

Sweatcoin is a digital currency for the person who likes to earn money without putting much effort. Sweatcoin is also known as cryptocurrency. This money can be used for various purposes such as to buy the thing of need and you can also pay your bills and do shopping. Here you need to do nothing but only walk or stroll outside of the house and office. As the app is designed in this way that it trace your each step and walk and provide you some points or it can be coins. After getting enough amounts in this app you will be able to convert them into digital money.

These coins can be obtained with the help of downloading this app and start it. This app works in the background of the mobile and you get coins for a walk. But sometimes if you need more coins and money then you may also try Sweatcoin Hack to have desired amount of digital money.

Where this money can be used

The earned money by walking is utilized at any shop or mall from where you would like to do your shopping from mostly. You can reclaim this digital fund as to buy health drinks, running shoes, magazines, to download music of your choice, and so on.

Levels of this app

There are free mover level and shaker membership levels. By using any of these levels you are able to earn money. Free mover level gets you 5 Sweatcoin cryptocurrency daily. But here they may charge 5% of conversion commission from it. Shaker membership level may be purchased by spending free and fresh coins of it. For more such cryptocurrency you may use Swearcoin Hack. So, keep moving and shaking to earn money.