Star Girl Game of Beauty Icon


Act, pose, sing and do whatever you like to do with the game of Star Girl as the game allows the player to play and enjoy the zenith point of enjoyment. Gamer can be an icon of fashion and glamour. Participate in pageants as a candidate as well as develop career a pop star, model and actress.

Player of this game can start her journey to the world of fashion by living a life of a celeb or role model. Many new clothes and accessories can be unlocked and used by competing with the participants of the world and with the help of Star Girl Hack as well.

Meet with friends and fall in love with famous person

The game is primarily meant for the girls who wish to live the life of romance and want to fall in love with famous favorite person. The player can meet and fall in love with friends and celebrity or role icon of youth.

Hard work and skill is the key to play

The game of Star Girl is not as easy as player thinks only hard work is the key to success. For that player has to show off her skill and charm by being on the covers of different magazines, billboard and posters. By taking part in beauty contests and beating other star girls of the world can be fruitful to be famous person.

Choose a career

The player of the game can choose a career as a singer, or model or actress. Here doing so may result into name and fame as well as money can be earned by this. Visiting expensive five stars hotels and clubs can also be a thing of joy. All these kinds of wishes can be fulfilled by Star Girl Hack as well.