Building The Best World In Growtopia

Building The Best World In Growtopia

If you are playing Growtopia for the first time, you may find that it is quite dense and complicated world building game. Well, it is not. Once you are fully aware of the gameplay this intensive multiplayer online platform game has, then you will progress through each level smoothly. As you read on, you will be able to prepare yourself for how to be the best on this ideal mobile game. The game is all about building and creating your own world.

So how does one go about building in Growtopia?

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For one to start building, they will need to go and get the right resources. You will need quite a lot, but it will mainly depend on what exactly that you want to build. There are two ways through which you can do this. One of the is more in tune with the trolling spirit of the game. To start stat off, you will need to create your world. Do this by digging down, down, down. As you reach the bottom, growtopia cheats you will find Lava Blocks, you need to avoid stepping on them, or you will die and stay back at the World’s entrance point. Instead of standing on them, make sure to stand beside them and collect them the same way you would collect any other block, that is, by punching them. It is ideal to have some steps leading back to the surface, so make sure to make a ledge every four blocks you dig.

Another way of making resource is by going into other people’s worlds and stripping them bare. If the user has not placed a growtopia block on their world, you will be able to take whatever you want from there area. They can also do the same to your world.

As you play, it is important always to consider what you will need to complete your level. In Growtopia experimentation is vital in finding all the growtopia hack combinations. You will need to accumulate as much resource as possible so that you can also trade them for gems. Gems act as the game’s currency.